August 12, 2022


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Trigg Athletes Collecting Supplies For Tornado Victims –

<p>A gaggle of Trigg County athletes Shall be amassing currents Sunday by way of Thursday for people.......

A gaggle of Trigg County athletes Shall be amassing currents Sunday by way of Thursday for people impacted by The huge tornadoes that struck western Kentucky Friday Evening time and Saturday morning.

Trigg County Highschool Soccer participant Shane Wallace says they needed To assist The encircling communities Inside the wake of the disaster.

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click on to acquire audioWallace says They are going to be amassing The important requirements.

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click on to acquire audioMatt Alex Ladd says the drive Shall be headquartered at two places in Cadiz.

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click on to acquire audioAnthony Hall says They Want to current these impacted by the storms A method To start out rebuilding their lives.

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click on to acquire audioTrigg County Wildcat Soccer Coach Will Ezell says the drive will proceed by way of Thursday at each Hancock’s Neighborhood Market and Cadiz Baptist Church.

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click on to acquire audioCoach Ezell says they couldn’t be prouder of the initiative proven by their athletes.

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click on to acquire audioHe provides …….