August 12, 2022


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Faces of the Past | – Idaho Falls Magazine

<p dir="ltr"></p> <p dir="ltr">Alma Marker (1859-1956)</p> <p dir="ltr">To do what You are eager on .......

Alma Marker (1859-1956)

To do what You are eager on and make it work financially—that’s the dream. Alma Marker was an accomplished violinist above all else. He liked music, however Eagle Rock was a dusty frontier metropolis in 1882. How a lot was music needed, actually, in an remoted spot wright here even the naked requirements Might not be taken As a proper? Who tright here could actually respect his Stradivarius? 

Marker arrived in Eagle Rock at age 22, armed with widespstudy merchandise he purchased out of trunks on The road wright hereas constructing a retailerfront. 

He purchased e-books, stationery, school currents, weapons, tobacco, clocks, jewelry… and music. A savvy marketer, Marker knew his viewers. He referred to as his new retailer a widespstudy retailer in some advertisements, Specializing in the staples that in all probability currentd his most safe income. 

Completely different advertisements, by no meanstheless, led with hand-drawn footage of drums, harps, and woodwinds. These advertisements referred to as it a “music and selection” retailer, and emphasised the devices, the strings and trimmings, orchestra and band music, sheet and e-book music, and even Crown pianos and organs. His love comes by way of in those advertisements, and Inside the music he composed with a calligrapher’s hand—songs like “Idaho Falls Quadrille,” virtually definitely written for “Alma Marker’s Orchestra,” which appeared to play every ball and group event Inside the metropolis’s early historic previous. 

You don’t picture a music store Inside the previous West, however Marker made it work, …….