August 13, 2022


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Ellsworth students plan to deliver supplies to Afghan refugees – Leader-Telegram

ELLSWORTH — When Lt. Col. Ryan Casper was deployed to Iraq in 2004-05 and Afghanistan in 2008-09,.......

ELLSWORTH — When Lt. Col. Ryan Casper was deployed to Iraq in 2004-05 and Afghanistan in 2008-09, he Current in all probcapability the most rewrestleding An factor of the expertise to be amassing school presents For youngsters.

Seeing The grins on The youngsters’s faces as they acquired againpacks Full of presents On A daily basis launched a smile to his face as properly.

For Casper, a social research teacher at Ellsworth Highschool for the previous 25 yrs, the humanitarian mission additionally shiped advantages again house, wright here scholars On The varsity collected items for whOn they referred to as the Ellsworth Hearts and Minds Membership.

At the time he referred to as it “simply In all probcapability the most rewrestleding work I’ve carried out in my life.”

Greater than a decade later, Casper, A army Reservist who serves as commander of the Rochester, Minnesota-based mostly 7212th Medical Assist Unit, is again at it.

Recognizing That almost 13,000 Afghan evacuees have been simply down the highmethod at Fort McCoy after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Casper knew The youngsters as quickly as as quickly as extra Would want school presents In the event that they have been going to get an education Inside their new nation.

“A lot of the refugees have carried out issues To help the United State army, and subsequently the People, And that is our alternative To help them,” said Casper, a graduate of Eau Claire Memorial Highschool and UW-Eau Claire. “What higher Method to welcome People who discover themselves in A pretty strong place proper now than To help them to Definitely one of the Better of their capability to assimilate and help their youngsters with education.”

When he and social …….