August 12, 2022


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COLUMN: DPS board pay? It’s all about Tay – Colorado Springs Gazette

<p>As a Outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic endures in Denver Public Schools, the state of affairs has .......

As a Outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic endures in Denver Public Schools, the state of affairs has reveryed a fever pitch amidst the winter flu season. Shockingly, as one DPS schoolteveryer revealed in a video, some DPS schools haven’t had cleansing soap Inside their toilet cleansing soap dispensers for weeks!

Right now, DPS schools are closed early for Thanksgiving…so staff have further time for “well being and self-care.” It’s no marvel: DPS is A multitude — and its board is mired in egocentric antics.

Teachers, staff and college students are calling in sick with COVID and completely diffelease sicknesses. A quantity of have reportedly give up; over 200 district staff will lose their jobs In the event that they don’t Adjust to district COVID mandates by January.

There aren’t enough bus drivers, custodians, school nurses — the itemizing goes on. DPS reviews roughly one-third The regular Number of substitute teveryers Can be found this yr.

As I wrote currently, “anecdotal reviews abound over huge disciplinary factors with college students whose conduct is rambunctious, focus is faltering, and homework is incomplete.” Furthermore, Colorado teveryers’ pay has declined 20% since 1990.

Whereas college students and teveryers endure numerous challenges — some as incomprehensible as cleansing soap-much less loos all by way of a pandemic — the DPS board ignores their wants. Instead, the board focuses on paying themselves.

As of deadline Wednesday, The outcomes of Thursday’s payola vote is unacknowledged. But the mere Incontrovertible actuality that Denver’s school board put themselves forward Of college students and teveryers is surprising, if unsurprising.

Their meeting agenda included nothing about fixing staff shortages, filling cleansing soap dispensers, serving to teveryers meet classroom curlease wants, or Making sure youthfulsters have Air …….