August 13, 2022


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Angel Award honors ‘Big Brown’ for years of charitable projects – Post South

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Staff Report
 |  Plaquemine Submit South

James “Huge Brown” Joseph stands 6-foot-8, however he acquired an honor recently that rivals him in stature.

The united statesdriver acquired the Angel Award launched by Blue Cross Blue Deffinish Louisiana Basis all by way of a ceremony in Baton Rouge.

As An factor of The respect, the Blue Cross Blue Deffinish Louisiana Basis launched a $25,000 to the Baton Rouge Space Basis, which assisted Joseph start the fund for UPS workers to contrihowevere to the fundraising program.

The Blue Cross Blue Deffinish Louisiana Basis instituted the award in 1995 to “acknowledge on A daily foundation people doing extraordinary good To fulfill the bodily, emotional, inventive or spiritual wants of Louisiana’s youngsters.”

A lot of the charity work comes by way of assist from his frifinishs, he said.

“John Spain (Authorities Vice chairman of the Baton Rouge Space Basis) tprevious me simply to get The money right here, and To not fear Regarding the lawyer’s costs. These guys do everyfactor for me,” Joseph said. “After which tright here’s Joanna Wurinforme &mldr; we’re like two peas in a pod. I give her suggestion, she currents me suggestion, and with out her we wouldn’t be wright here We’re.”

The job of a UPS supply driver has been The proper hyperlink to charity …….