August 19, 2022


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AASD using Rescue Plan grant to fight homelessness – Altoona Mirror

<p>The Altoona Space School District is dealing with a youth housemuch lessness disaster That is ant.......


The Altoona Space School District is dealing with a youth housemuch lessness disaster That is anticipated to worsen As a Outcome of the varsity yr progresses, said Assistant Superintendent Brad Hatch.

That’s why the Altoona Space School Board recently accredited the submission and implementation of all parts of an American Rescue Plan Homemuch less grant Inside The quantity of $153,457. The district is required to allocate federal funding To deal with housemuch lessness Yearly, Hatch said, including thOn The quantity varies.

The funds Shall be used To curlease scholars in want with numerous agency assists and primary wants like housing, meals, clofactor, school curleases and medical care. The grant was accredited retrolivelyly from July 2021 to September 2024.

What makes housemuch lessness notably exhausting to deal with is that It is typically much less seen than people understand, Hatch said, including that not all people experiencing housemuch lessness stay on the streets.

“You’ve A lot of households That are doubled up and dwelling in A very small area, So that you’re talking about a quantity of-palease models As properly as to youthfulsters dwelling in The identical house, maybe sleeping on The floor or on the couch,” Hatch said.

“I’ve been to houses wright here tright here have actually been 4 households dwelling in A house,” he said, noting It Is Sort of important be “conscious that That is On the market and in

our group.”

Some scholars expertise housemuch lessness with out the presence of household, As quickly as they’re runaways, For event, or have been kicked out As a Outcome of of battle with household.

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